Author Ron Negra speaks on Waves of Hope

Based on the memories of Agnes Joan Negra

NUTLEY NJ -- Ron Negra, Nutley native and author, discussed his book “Waves of Hope, based on the memories of Agness Joan Negra” at the Nutley Museum on March 16, 2022.

Waves of Hope by Ronald  Edward Negra, based on the memoirs of Agnes Joan Negra

“Waves of Hope” tells the remarkable story of the author’s mother, an inspiring young woman named Agnes Joan (Verdi) Negra and heroic acts of kindness she performed during World War II.

Imagine a time back in 1944 when she sat at her shortwave radio in Nutley night after night, listening to broadcasts in which our German enemies read the names of American soldiers they had captured and were holding as prisoners of war in Europe. This was personal for her. As a young bride and mother – her husband August had been wounded at the Battle of the Bulge and was missing in action.

Yet Ms. Negra did more than listen for news of her husband. She began to write down the names of the American soldiers whose names she heard on the air. She then personally wrote to the families of each of those soldiers. Often, her letters were the first indications that families received that their soldiers were alive.

That is the remarkable story of “Waves of Hope.” Yet the book is much more than a written history. It contains copies of the letters that Ms. Negra received from the families she had written to. The result is an astonishing and deeply moving story of kindness and hope.

And if you are wondering, Agnes and her GI husband were reunited after the war. This story of love, family, kindness and more will inspire you.

Ronald Edward Negra, a Nutley, NJ native, was born on November 9, 1947. He enjoys writing about genealogy and wrote his first book in 2004 titled, “The History of the Verdi Family…Celebrating 100 Years in America.” Ron also completed a book on the Negra Family History and on the life of his father, August E. Negra.

Nutley woman sent ‘Waves of Hope’ across the country during WWII Essex News Daily

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